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This podcast explores the many facets of the 9-11 attacks which contradict the governments official story, the massive cover-up which is currently underway, the failure of the mainstream media in America to ask real questions, and the aftermath of 9-11 including the un-Constitutional wars and the taking of liberty here at home. This broadcast examines the big picture of what is taking place in America today and how September 11th fits into the scheme of things. Forget "conspiracy theory"! The governments own story about what happened is itself a "conspiracy theory"! We want 9-11 Truth.

Apr 19, 2006

This podcast is a continuation from last week exploring the PowerPoint presentation by physics professor Steven E. Jones.  Professor Jones asks the burning question "Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings Collapse?" and hypothesizes that pre-planted explosive charges, possibly Thermite, were used to bring down the WTC towers and building 7.